1. Sheila Mulroy-Kelleher says:

    don’t forget that fruit and veggies are cleansing and detoxifying. therefore, less worry about occasionally ingesting foods that are not organic or concerned about fish from polluted oceans, and tainted with mercury. drinking lots of water and eating a diet high in plant foods, helps flush out the toxins, and boost your immune system. Plants are Protective, so include in every meal, every day for optimal health

  2. TWIJ96 says:

    Hello, I feel as though I haven’t lived the most “christian” life. If I ask GOD for forgiveness can I start fresh and attempt to accomplish GODs will?

  3. thaivo24 says:

    Man why are u bringing out the Jesus bible. That bible ain’t got nothing to do with raw vegan. That bible taught people that god create animal for people to eat. What u said contradict what the y’all bible state. I think you need to start reading Buddha bible and his teaching. Cus what y’all do right now is more Buddhist monks and Buddha himself. Jesus eat bread and fish and etc. teaching people to fast but yet allow them to eat eggs and fish. Make no sense at all. I don’t really want to bring

  4. Bert Sampson says:

    Search: Best Speech You Will Ever Hear – Gary Yourofsky. Spread the Truth about the Meat and Dairy Industry.

  5. John Stamos says:

    If veganism and scripture genuinely make you happy, then by all means, do what makes you happy. However, correlation is not causation. Someone who lives to 108 is a tiny fraction of 1% of the population who make it that far. You might be able to increase your chances of making that far but it’s never a guaranteed. Doesn’t seem fair when a smoker lives to 90, does it? But that’s just the way it goes. Relax and enjoy your life; then it’ll be worthwhile no matter how long it is.

  6. thedurianking says:

    yes on my youtube page. some good ones. Check out my channel. Do you search and you will find them.

  7. rezibrokai says:

    WARNING!! **** orthorexia **** It is when you deplete your body of nutrients on a 801010 like diet. This leads to severe damage of your inner organs. Recommendations of usda was created by a committee of scientists. Dont hurt yourself!!!

  8. subutai74 says:

    I am a Type-1 diabetic having difficulties finding the right diet for myself and I find your videos very inspiring. You are a honest man who seeks the truth and I respect you for that.

  9. Ivan Drago says:

    I’ve done copious amounts of drugs in my 20′s and 30′s. I’ve smoked socially, and at times daily. I’ve over eaten often, and slept just after eating, and many bad things.  I’m 40 now and I look about 30. Some I have even had tell me younger. I feel great. My blood tests are pristine. I can jog 5 miles on any given day, even in my worst condition. However, I’ve worked out off and on through out the years and I now fast, etc. The main thing is detoxing and genetics. Ppl forget about telomeres.

  10. grandmajoyce2 says:

    I liked your video, but I don’t understand why you needed to drink goat’s milk to avoid being hungry all the time. Do you eat seeds, nuts,beans, avacados and such?

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