1. dcdhanushka says:

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    Booster. They will help you get the body you deserve.

  2. TarquinnBlackwood1 says:

    Nice video :) I just turned 28 and I’m vegetarian, I’m looking forward to
    get more information about this since I don’t want to struggle with
    testosterone problems. Thanks!

  3. Kevon Bryan says:

    @4chanfit the *clouds* dont filter uv rays but in the days are shorter in
    winter and also the sun is off to the side rather than directly about which
    means we get less direct sunlight. Both of these lead to lower UV exposure.
    It is well documented that many people become depressed in the winter
    because of lack of sunlight

  4. clorisu says:

    Spouting more myths I see. If the sun didn’t shine in winter, you wouldn’t
    be able to see outside. The sun doesn’t filter out UV rays.

  5. 0713mas says:

    Nice review been doing the zinc & B complex for a while now that Im
    officially in my mid thirties… Gonna add the D3 now and see what happens?

  6. hans vang says:

    wont working out raise testosterone? When I started lifting weights and
    doing cardio, as a younger man, I suddenly felt more manly after a while of
    doing it… obviously stronger, in better shape.. but wont the body produce
    more testosterone too?

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