1. leprechaun71588 says:

    First off, how does the doctor even know? Secondly, no doctor would be dumb enough to do that, they know that legal action will follow soon afterwards. And lastly, if it is that big of an emergency, I’m usually not worried about who is treating me.

    But I guess that’s what happens when you take crappy shows like that too seriously…

  2. coombzay says:

    i think in the public hospitals you can but the weight could hurt more. and in the private hospital you have all ready choosen your docter anyway

  3. dcomputerman says:

    You can always request a different doctor. However, often they’re assigned to particular rooms and changing doctors is nearly impossible.

  4. c_schumacker says:

    Why would you wait to complain later when your health care is in the balance in the meantime? Yes, you should speak up.

    You should also be aware that if you request a different provider then you might be signing up for a longer wait, however- sometimes significantly longer.

    Medical providers are people too. Sometimes you just don’t hit it off with a patient. I’ve had people complain after the fact and assigned all sorts of motivations to me that simply were not the case. If the person spoke up and said something, we could have had a conversation and worked out the misunderstanding. As it was, the person left wondering if they got quality attention because of something they perceived. So it pays to say something.

    Another note: there are people who come in to the ED that are not likable…at all. As much as you try to understand their circumstances, sometimes people are a case and a half. Despite my not liking them, I would never compromise their medical care (like they dramatize on TV). Liking a person and providing quality medical care are not mutually exclusive – in fact, I am extra careful with someone I don’t like because there is a chance my work is going to be further reviewed in the future. It goes to follow I do not allow my liking a person to unduly affect my professional judgement either.

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