1. Mathew Ryan says:

    Is there a specific amount of time that a personality has control or can
    there be a frequent back and forth, team effort? A conflict on what
    actually happened or how that person felt. Example: I enjoyed the trip.
    Actually the trip was horrible. It wasn’t horrible, it was a good
    experience. He wasn’t nervous at all, he was excited and surprised how good
    he felt. But I was nervous the whole time. You were, but he wasn’t. (this
    is me if I ask myself how riding as a passenger in a car was).´╗┐

  2. vav26e says:

    I have it and here are mine Doctor nocturne-kid real life superhero
    Manatoba-australlian and greatest hunter in the universe Matt-kid
    cartoonist Duncan-bad boy Oga-sweden girl olympic Chester-man in war world

  3. Michael Kivinen says:

    “Imaginary” (or imaginal) doesn’t mean “not real” or “fake.” It just means
    caused by the mind, not by a so-called chemical imbalance or physical
    abnormality. All defense mechanisms are, by definition, largely
    unconscious, so of course one can “have” MPD/DID and not know it. One way
    to think of alternate personalities is as extreme forms of what are called
    ego-states, i.e., what C. G. Jung called “complexes.” Their “voices” are
    one reason MPD/DID is often misdiagnosed as schizophrenia.

  4. AshAshleyKetchem says:

    Some parts of this guy’s “facts” sound like bullshit. I have a friend with
    DID and he’s definitely not making up personalities, like this guy is
    saying. These personalities are real. They were created from traumatic
    events, but that doesn’t mean they’re not real people. It’s just like he
    said, multiple people living in one body. It’s not imaginary. And not all
    personalities fight and have conflicts. My friend is totally fine with
    these personalities because they actually HELP him through shit.

  5. Darterri says:

    this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. i know ppl with DID who
    doesn’t even know they have it and in denial of it. They don’t even believe
    it’s happening to them so hth is that defined as a defence mechanism that
    is imaginary. Can he explain the auditory voices of each personalities when
    hey conversate with each other. And what about the ppl who live these
    personalities and secret and people begin to notice?

  6. Darterri says:

    keyword community college bc this is not real research information, i need
    this guys credential and where he studied

  7. Michael Kivinen says:

    Excellent interview! I use this video and some of your other interviews
    with Dr. Ross in the abnormal psychology class that I teach at Grand Rapids
    Community College.

  8. ScruffyUnicorn says:

    @Mark Brown if you are talking about eternal hellfire yes the church
    basically made that up. Nowhere in the bible does it say that if you sin
    you will burn forever.

  9. Matt Richard says:

    The effects of watching to much pornography can’t look at a women without
    the subconsciously getting turned on. It’s hard to get out of that way of
    thinking but its possible if you stay away, use all that sexual energy

  10. taxidriverlionel says:

    Hello, hello….which one of me is writing this I do not know, but it’s
    everything I wish I didn’t know. The saint and the sinner fighting it out
    and I feel the pain.

  11. Catlin Roberts says:

    I’m not sure how to word this, but I am pleased to find another person who
    believes in BOTH demons and D.I.D. I will most certainly be visiting
    net-burst. net

  12. Double X says:

    I think I’ve got double personality. Not looking for attention but I have
    him or it a name. I feel fine other than I imagine seeing a person and can
    talk to it or him. I know i when I “created” him. So I know it’s like the
    imaginary friend type situation they described.

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