1. yuan ade Sukma says:

    Dear doctor, I’ve put many of your videos in my blog. Those are very useful
    and very informative videos and I definitely subscribed to your channel. I
    will be honored if you visit and comment in my blog.
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  2. incontinencedoc says:

    Physical activity is generally a good thing for all bodily functions,
    including to help maintain good blood flow to our organs.

  3. sidhant kamboj says:

    @incontinencedoc i have question lifting heavy weights for couple of hrs 4
    to 5 times a week is it good or bad ed

  4. jeremy macdonald says:

    im in my early 20′s and have been experiencing consistent ED for a wile
    now… i dont have diabetes, healthy heart, havent biked for years, no
    medication, live a happy healthy lifestyle, dont smoke and drink on
    occasion. my sex drive is low recently but i dont know if thats because of
    hormones or my ed. my girl friend often does prostate massages on me to
    help but i think that could have made it worse. could it be nerve damage
    from the massages? is there a simple explanation? please help

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