1. mesho f says:

    yes it may happen according to the health of the old man, i know men over 70 and can have successful sex

  2. T.O. says:

    Maybe not totally like a young man’s, but regardless of their age, as long as they do not have any health problems affecting their sexuality, men can still have sex any time they want. Heck, my grandfather had my mom when he was over 80 and had 3 more kids after her!!!

  3. eagles7man says:

    This depends on the mans health some older men 60 and above can have sex no problem , others take products like Viagra or Cialis and can have sex, others couldnt get it up no matter what, there is a surgurey where they place an inflatable around the penis and pump it up when needed but with this product you have no sexual stimulation and no ejaculation, just a false erection to use on someone else for their pleasure.

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