1. Edmund Cheung says:

    @Securatrak There are studies going on right now to see if Antivirals (like
    Famcyclovir) will suppress possible underlying viral causes of MD. One
    study done by House Ear in LA did not show benefit, but did seem to show
    decreased fluctuation of symptoms of fullness and deafness. Talk with your
    physician about it. Would have HSV1, HSV2, and Ebstein Barr Virus Titers
    blood levels before just to see. IF positive, may be more compelling case
    to try the meds (they have little side effects).

  2. Lindie Rossouw says:

    Hi Ed, i recently found all your videos on MD. Its helped me a lot. I am
    wondering what happened to you since there was no update after you started
    to trial with the minniet. I am specific wondering if you had any success
    with anti viral drugs. Ii will wait to heat from you. Thanks for sharing
    all this info with us. Lindie

  3. Vacheluna says:

    Ed, Have you read about low dose Naltrexone as a possible treatment, it may
    be worth looking into before you seek more invasive treatments.

  4. Edmund Cheung says:

    @Securatrak Hope this works for you to get things under control. So far so
    good for me. For the first month, the Tympanostomy tube itself seemed to
    help with the some of the fullness and hearing, but then it started
    fluctuating again. The Meniett and P100 Enttex devices really helped
    control the Nausea and vertigo – not so much the fullness. I still will
    nave very mild intermittent symptoms but at least they seem to go away
    quickly. Another thing to consider is a prescription for Famcyclovir

  5. Edmund Cheung says:

    Thanks for the advice, but there is NO logical reason to use Naloxone or
    Naltrexone to treat Meniere’s ? These meds are primarily used to block the
    Opioid Receptors of the body. They are primarily used to help with Heroin
    or Morphine addiction. There are not even any opioid receptors anywhere in
    the inner ear. If these meds and any even slight effect on electrolyte
    regulation, I could possibly understand, but they do NOT. Sorry, It really
    sounds like sham therapy. Benign and harmless meds.

  6. Securatrak says:

    Hi Ed, I have recently been diagnosed with MD and have have all sorts of
    Meds subscribed. Unfortunately none have been of any real benefit.
    Fortunately I have only had 3 or 4 vertigo attacks over the past 6 months
    but the fullness and hearing fluctuations are frustrating. I’m having a
    grommet fitted this week and trying a Meniette Device trial soon after. My
    question…. Has the device done anything for your fullness and hearing
    loss or mostly the vertigo and nausea? BTW these videos are very t

  7. Pamela Fitzpatrick says:

    Hi Ed, Does the P100 work without having a tympanostomy placed? Also, what
    does the research suggest regarding dosage for Valtrex or Famcyclovir?
    Thanks so much! Pam

  8. Edmund Cheung says:

    @surfurlife I am pulse minus on the Famcyclovir. I took it for over 2
    months and my Meniere’s Fluctation improved, but did not really improve to
    my satisfaction. then I had the Tymp and used the Meniett which definitely
    has helped. However, I restarted the Famcyclovir again about 3 weeks ago
    because the MD improved started to fluctuate again. I definitely am
    noticing a difference. I think it has worked. Very benign drug with low
    side effects. Valtrex is essentially the same. Would try it.

  9. TheReba1948 says:

    Ed, I’ve done some research on the medicine serc. What do you think? It was
    developed in Europe for Meniere’s. Becky

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