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  1. Ed Leger says:

    Hi. My name is David A. Bye from Moorhead, Minnesota, a town of about 30,000 located on the eastern bank of the Red River, the only river in the Northern Hemisphere that flows north instead of south.

    Why the geography lessen, David? I clicked on this site to find out how to get rid of my anxiety! Well, to tell the truth, I wanted to set in your mind, not just a river that flows the wrong way and seems to defy nature, but also to tell you about a program that for me, flies in the face of logic.

    What does that mean?

    I’ve had a panic and anxiety problem for over twenty years and for those, “over twenty years” almost every book I’ve ever read and every therapist I’ve ever been counseled by have told me how to avoid panic attacks. I do believe that I am an unofficial Yoga Master when it comes to meditation, a dietician, and an exercise guru.

    You see, I though that with enough meditation, enough of the right foods in the right quantities, properly performed exercise, and methodically applied prescribed medication that my anxiety wouldn’t stand a chance and that I would

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