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  1. StellaBtheWriter says:

    Your attacks sound awful. It is great, however, that you recognize the problem and want help for it. Maybe you could approach the parent around whom you feel more comfortable and start out saying that you don’t want to scare him or her, and then go ahead with the info you posted here. If the idea of approaching either of them to discuss this face to face makes you feel too anxious to try, perhaps you could write a short letter with this same idea to get it out and then discuss afterward?

    It might not be easy, but it is so worthwhile to get treatment while you’re young. Believe me, trying to take care of this stuff when you’re older takes a lot longer. You owe it to yourself to live life without this problem.

    I hope that if you get prescribed medication (which can indeed be very helpful) you also seek other means of reducing anxiety. Examples include breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, and talk therapy.

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