1. Jessa's Mommy 7/12/10 says:

    Usually men lose weight faster than women. No one can tell you exactly how long because every person is different. But usually 1-2 lbs a week. So maybe 3 months?
    It’s better to lose weight slower so you are more likely to keep it off after you lose it.

    Maybe tell him to start walking at the local park or around your neighborhood if it is safe. Eating right is also a key point in losing weight. Make healthy choices for meals and snacks.

    Good luck to him!

  2. Starstruckk 17 says:

    As you get older your metabolism slows down. It’s important that you are exercises and eating right most of time. On average you should lose 1-2 pounds per week. so I would say about 3-5 months depending on whether or not ur consistent and disciplined. You have to want it bad for you to see a change in your body

  3. KIRKUK says:

    my Mother’s 42 and she eats a lot of nuts,just thought i would share that with you all…
    btw tell him to eat more nuts – OMEGA 3 is fantastic for weight loss and cardiovascular health…

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