1. Bobby D says:

    Masturbation won’t make you infertile, any more than spitting will mean you never have any more saliva.

    And masturbation doesn’t cause ED

    Masturbation is normal, natural and very healthy. Even a fetus in the uterus will masturbate, thats how instinctive it is.

  2. Yanely says:

    Masturbation does not cause infertility. And I’m almost positive it also does not cause ED. Since ED is mainly psychological or biological. Which means, it is either in your head, like anxiety, or you have a circulatory problem. Since your body depends on your circulatory system to pump blood to cause an erection. Some men with heart problems have ED. So, I’m sure the worse thing that masturbation can cause is Delayed Ejaculation, and you may desensitize yourself physically. You can also desensitize yourself by watching too much porn. Like an addict you need more and more extreme arousal to get you off. So if you’re doing it too much, I suggest you start a hobby or something. Most men I know who do it a lot are bored, they got nothing better to do.

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