1. Sabrina H says:

    It may very well not be ED. At 18 it seems an unlikely problem that you should definately be checked up for in case something else is actually wrong. If you’re that worried about your dad freaking out, lie, if he doesn’t know you’re having sex and you don’t want to tell him. Although, I recommend that you do tell him, I would rather you seen a doctor then listen to me preach on about sex. Tell him you hurt your knee playing sports or you are having pain when you pee and that your pee is been dark off and on lately and smells strong when its dark(this indicates a UTI). When your dad tries to go in with you, tell him youre embarssed and that you would like to go alone. The doctor will probably not suspect ED and he shouldnt. He also cannot say anything to dad. Tell him what’s going on, don’t be embarassed. Your doctor before he was a pediatric doctor had to do medical school for general population, like men and seen problems like this before, trust me. Even children have problems with their penises and vaginas so don’t think he thinks you’re a freak. If you’re having sex maybe you should ask him about that as well. Maybe how to stay safe, get some tests for diseases (STIs, AIDS) if you’re active and how to have safe sex if you’re going to. You maybe suprised at what he will know and say because there is more to safe sex then condoms. Skin on skin can cause you to get infections as well. That’s all I got for you.

  2. hoohoo day says:

    Do jelqing and penile exercises. There’s one more important exercise I cannot remember its name. Check out PEgym.com

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