1. HatesMondays says:

    hard to say, its such an individual thing. my mother in law drinks a pot of coffee a day and is an extremely healthy 75 year old. by “healthy” i mean she never has had to see a doctor and has no diseases or conditions. she has also smoked since she was in her 20′s. i think her secret is staying active. she has always walked everyday and never driven a car.

  2. ABY says:

    That is an excellent question! They used to say caffeine was bad for you. In fact I frequently had family members saying that I drank too much coffee too. I am extremely athletic and want to be at optimal health at all times. Recently there are studies that report that coffee has many health benefits including: lowers your risk of type 2 diabetes by causing your blood sugar to be more stable, coffee and cocoa beans have antioxidants that help eliminate free-radicals which can cause cancer, It has a diuretic effect which gets rid of excess fluids which can strain the heart, helps to clean the liver, and a cup in the morning can raise your metabolism. There are some negatives: can rinse some meds out of your system making them less effective, can increase risk of osteoporosis, and insomnia. I feel that most anything in moderation is good. If you have 4 small cups a day and not “Big Gulp” servings and its not causing you to lose sleep; than I think your fine. Have a super great day!!!

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