1. tappingxout says:

    Actually, any permanent changes in mood, mental health and behavior have not even been proven to arise in long-term real users of marijuana. And, actually, “contact highs” are a myth. You can smell the smoke and it may irritate you, but it won’t be enough to get you legitimately high — let alone truly affect you at all. Anything that arises in that individual would be psychosomatic. In other words, they’d be psyching themselves out immensely — probably thanks to propaganda on television and false assumptions by the general populous.

    “For twenty-five years, researchers have searched for a marijuana-induced amotivational syndrome and have failed to find it. There is nothing about marijuana specifically that causes people to lose their drive and ambition. In laboratory studies, subjects given high doses of marijuana for several days or even several weeks exhibit no decrease in work motivation or productivity. Among working adults, marijuana users tend to earn higher wages than non-users. College students who use marijuana have the same grades as nonusers. Among high school students, heavy use is associated with school failure, but school failure usually comes first.”

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  2. Nathaniel says:

    I smoked weed for about 5-8 years. When I was high I never really wanted to do anything productive and even when I was not high I just felt lazy. Now I have been clean for about 2 years and I am back to my normal self. I promise you, you are under no ill effect of marijuana. My boss at my place of employment is very happy with my work ethic and she frequently tells me that I do a good job. Keep in mind I smoked marijuana heavily for almost a decade and I feel fine. Besides you got second hand smoke, that is not going to do much of anything to you. Just go about your life like you normally do and dont fret about it. The brain has a funny way of making things come true if we think or worry about it to much. So if you constantly worry about having a bad work ethic, you might start to have one. So think positive and everything will be all right.

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