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  1. Clive says:

    The best option for treating erectile dysfunction depends on lot on the cause! This needs to be considered.

    For many men, prescription drugs, medical conditions, or nerve damage from surgeries can be a root factor. Judging by your age I’d guess none of these probably apply though?

    Also relating to age is a corresponding lowering of testosterone levels. A good option for this is hormone replacement therapy, or health food supplements that promote natural testosterone production (I think Herbal Ignite here is a pretty good option). Of course again given your age we can probably rule this out?

    Psychological factors are often a big part in erectile dysfunction in younger men. Some simple ways to combat this is to look over your life and try to reduce sources of stress and anxiety. Good work/life balance, dedicated relaxation and recreation time, even improving diet and exercise habits can help here! And yes a relationship/sex counselor is another option, probably helpful, but yes also probably quite embarrassing so I can understand your reluctance there!
    Another culprit of course can be too much porn. Porn can train us to have a huge preference for novelty in regards to sexual response, and as a result can get you into a cycle where you keep looking for more and more new or novel porn, with even what worked before no longer doing it for you and then… well. It’s not hard to see here how this can impact on normal sexual function with your girlfriend.

    So yeah. There’s a few options to consider anyway. Hope that helps!

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