1. Tamara says:

    If I ever had the chance again I would go for Holistic Medicine instead of any kind of Hospitality,such as and foremost the hotel business.
    Both Jobs are about helping people,more or less.
    Holistic Medicine I think, will never get bored and helping people with it is probably more beneficiary in the long run.
    Then no matter what you do, it is one of the hardest and most un-thankful job, to make a hotel guest happy .
    And if you are able to heal people with natural Remedies I think that could be very “day-making”.
    And you will learn a lot about and for yourself and use it within your own family.
    If you lucky enough to have a family ,and as sad as it may sounds as more truth it holds for a women,it’s almost impossible to have both,carrier and kids in hotel management.

  2. skeptical thinker says:

    I’m not trying to be a jerk, but I have to answer your question honestly. Holistic health/alternative medicine/naturopathy/homeopathy is not a good field to go into. You will likely struggle to earn a solid income. But more importantly, alternative medicine (and all the other names for it) is not a scientific field at all. If that’s the route you want to take, fine by me, but its more closely aligned to being a pastor/priest/rabbi than it is a medical practitioner. They “believe in” a wide variety of quack remedies and treatments that have virtually no factual or scientific basis. That’s the opposite of real medicine or healthcare (or science in general). Those who are properly trained to practice medicine simply don’t pull a mushroom out of the ground and tell you it cures cancer. Nor do they put a metal bracelet on your wrist and tell you it will cure everything. Nor do they claim to channel mystical energy from another dimension to cure everything. People without a scientific background or at least a foundation of how the scientific method works, tend to be easily convinced that alternative medicine is a good thing. They form delusions about medicine and health that often come from their hatred for large companies or government agencies. They tend to be very caring, sincere, and trusting people that probably don’t have the best critical thinking skills. In other words, they are easily taken advantage of (gullible) because they make decisions in life and form beliefs without doing adequate research and they lack the desire to truly gather facts and evidence before forming an opinion. For example, one of the earlier posters commented that holistic medicine is very effective and much safer than conventional medicine. I’m sure she believes what she said, and I’m sure she’s a really nice person, but I challenge her to show me one single piece of credible evidence that demonstrates the efficacy of any alternative medical therapies. Most alt med therapies are about as safe and effective as a glass of water (although some are actually harmful). If these therapies were effective and safe, it wouldn’t be called “alternative”, it would be called “conventional” medicine. Conventional medicine will always modify their treatments based on new scientific findings. On the other hand, alternative medicine will stand by their beliefs despite what science has proven or disproven (that’s why its more of a religion).

    Bottom line, if you decide to go into holistic health care, you will never have respect from anybody with a scientific background. And don’t limit yourself to only 2 possible career paths. You’ve got a world of opportunity ahead of you.

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