1. bomb-erman says:

    As long as you have hormones running, which you do until you are laying in a casket; you can get some wood in your pants. Marvels of the human body no?

  2. Summer says:

    i think one’s who aren’t sexually active because they get horny and the build up of their horniness, but it could go either way because he could be thinking about the woman he did it with and want to do it again and get horny just thinking about her or sex or both [her and sex]
    he can get also get a woody in the morning just because that’s what helps hold their pee in when they wake up or when they see a woman they have the hots for even if he’s not getting any. they can also use meds to make erections last longer or have one if they do have a problem getting an erection. men can usually get it up til the day they die unless they have a urinary or some other kind of penis problem or health problem in general.

  3. Acid09 says:

    On average a guy produces 1% less testosterone each year once he passes the age of 25. Testosterone is the key sex hormone in men. So if you go by that average a man will produce 25% less testosterone when he is 25.

    But there is a catch. With less testosterone he may not have as much of a sex drive as he did when he was 25. But he can still easily have erections, provided he is in otherwise healthy condition. Fact is even guys in their 70′s can still have erections. Although many don’t because of health problems. Even then with drugs like viagra out there, many elderly men can still have erections.

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