1. Rossy says:

    First of all, you can’t go thinking u have everything you read, there is more to cushing than what you wrote about, cushing is more of an endocrine disorder. Do you have a hump on the back of your neck , more like a bulls hump, or do you have huge stretch marks approximately thicker than 3 cm, is your torso wider than your bottom?

  2. Julie B says:

    Hi there- If one to were read too much info on the web, they may think they have a lot of different conditions. I had a Medical Book for studies- Thought I had about everything listed- No Kidding, I did! YIKES- I learned not to “read” into everything- (pardon the pun). The best thing to do in ur case is to go see a Physician re: ur concerns. Write ur questions down, as we sometimes forget to ask all our concerns. Take ur research into the Dr. My concerns for you is the depression and anxiety. There are meds out there that help with these issues. In addition, my daughter had acne big time, which is difficult for a 16 year old hormonal girl. I took her to our Family Doc, and they did give her some ointment to help with her acne. They also put her on birth control pills in order to clear some of this up (and to give MOM here a piece of mind- she is sexually active- don’t like it, but, had to face facts, nor did I want her to get pregnant and have to make a life changing decision)- Hormones play a BIG role in acne with both genders. If you feel you have slowed growth development and a somewhat oddly shaped face, along with all ur other concerns, I would suggest you go see a Physician. The Dr. can get to the core of ur problem, and in the meantime, can relieve ur mind. He/she will be able to prescribe medications for some of ur issues. In the meantime, here are a few sites that may help you out. Good luck, take care, and hope to hear follow up on ur question. Hope this helped you somewhat. Again, only a Dr. can rule out ur concerns. Have a good day!

  3. hot_singing_babe says:

    first off i’d like to start by saying that i’m a 23 yr old female with cushing’s syndrome. i’ve had it for the past 2-3 yrs. the info i’m about to give is from doctors i’ve talked to and books i’ve read, not just web junk.

    while cushing’s can affect males, it rarely does, females are more susceptible to the hormonal changes. cushing’s is primary cause is a tumor in the pituitary gland, second would be adrenals, followed lung then pancreas. the tumors are usually non cancerous but release and abundance of the hormones atch and cortosol. now while it is unlikely for men to get cushing’s, it is not unlikely for them to develop pituitary tumors; however if a male had a pituitary tumor his major complaint would most likely be ED or a complete lack of interest in sex.

    the facts are that it is possible to have cushing’s in the early stages and not know it, mainly because the weight gain is not significant and the body aches are still minor enough to be taken care of by advil or asprin. but one would not be able to live a healthy or for that matter normal life with undiagnosed (or even diagnosed) cushing’s because the cortisol controls things like blood pressure, how fast your heart is beating, how you store food, how you sleep, and how you react to both physical and emotional stress.

    BTW, if it helps acne, depression, and growth development also all stem from genetics and heredity. and the anxiety can be associated worrying about being sick, but is not a symptom of cushing’s.

    i hope this helps and that you do not have cushing’s

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