1. malindayoungblood says:

    First of all how old are you? It may be a problem with your prostate and you might not even know it. Also if you have been masturbating for a while it may take something different stimulate you to the point of erection I would say go to the doctor then go to your local strip club and see if something new might help.

  2. Connor says:

    Um DUHHHHH!!!
    That’s how you get it, is by develpoping it.

    But that’s not your issue here. Youre issue is you have sesensitized yourself to porn.


  3. How to feel better? says:

    Your observation is sensible but not entirely explainable for erectile dysfunction. Other factors such as age, current personal healthy issues and possible medication, … have to be considered. Erectile dysfunction always results from multiple factors, which may be further categorized as underlying causes and precipitating causes. If you have any doubt, go to see a medical specialist for more detailed investigation. Good luck!

  4. onlymatch4u says:

    The problem can be psychological or a physical problem, but most of the time is a nutritional deficiency. The food and agricultural industry in America are promoting foods that encourage ED and the medical and drug industries have capitalized on this and are making literally $ billions of dollars. What is so incredible is that it’s not a difficult thing to solve in most cases.

    The lack of Fat in the diet, the wrong kinds of fats being consumed and things like bad digestion, hormone imbalance, and bad blood sugar handling due to diet, etc. are all causing much of this problem.

    There is a very basic nutritional issue that is causing most of the ED problems and that is to promote lots of carbohydrate, vegetarian, Low Fat, Low Salt, No red meat diets without any understanding of how the body works, is to encourage this ED problem. Of course the drug industry loves this misinformation and is capitalizing on it big time, to the tune of $ billions.

    If you eat lots of sugar, carbohydrates, this raises your blood sugar level and especially if you are eating lots of grains, this causes insulin to be produced in large quantity and then elicit a big response from the liver to utilize glucagon that is produced in the adrenal glands to lower the insulin levels, generating a low blood sugar response, triggering the body to believe it is in a state of STRESS. This causes the adrenal glands to fire and produce lots of Cortisol hormone to deal with the perceived stress. Since cortisol production requires the hormone precursor, pregnenalone, you get what is called, the “pregnenalone steal.” Your body uses up it’s supply of this essential hormone and leaves the liver to reprioritize for stress response and NO STEROID HORMONES get produced as a consequence. Yep, these hormones are the SEX hormones. Bingo.

    So when your body is in a state of STRESS, it does not produce these SEX hormones. The adrenal glands become exhausted and your energy level goes down the drain and you take stimulants to force your body to produce MORE CORTISOL, like coffee, tea, drugs, and anything with caffeine in it. This further complicates the problem. Also, if you do not get at least 5 hours of good REM sleep at night, you will NOT recharge those adrenal glands and the problem will just get worse.

    Energy drinks, sodas, anything with fluoride in it, coffee, tea, commercial fruit juices, etc. all contribute to this problem.

    To further complicate matters, if you become deficient in good fats and oils, you cannot make endocrine hormones. If you consume ANY fluoride (can be from fluoride toothpaste as well), this depletes iodine from your body and your thyroid will slow down. If you eat ANY SOY products of any kind except for fermented soy (like in soy sauce, miso, or natto), this depletes your body of minerals and especially iron and depletes your testosterone levels and will even give you man boobs! Avoid ALL soy and foods that contain soy, like Kraft cheeses, pizza cheeses, processed foods, etc. ALL this affects the ED problem.

    Go see a Certified Nutritional Therapist (CNT) and get tested for nutritional deficiencies and take the guess work out of that. They can recommend good diets and possibly supplements that will put you on the road to health. Don’t just try to cure a disease, work on being healthy, it’s much more productive and lasting solution.

    good luck to you

  5. Stace B says:

    my ex used to like watching porn with me so we keep updated with their techniques and stuff. though, he used to get hard just when I touch it!

    he was hot!

  6. queenofclean1980 says:

    How old are you? It does come with age but you can desensitize yourself.Give the porn and your penis a rest for a few and see if that helps.If it doesn’t go see a doctor.

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