1. Rico says:

    How old are you?

    I’m 29 and I started to masturbate when I was 14.

    As soon as I turned 16 , I started to suffer severe erectile dysfunction.

    I’m still virgin.

    from the age of 16 to the age of about 27, I lost all types of erections including spontaneous erections, early-morning erections, nocturnal erections, … etc but I was able to attain some 60 or 70% erection during masturbation which was always adequate to reach orgasm.

    During the last 2 years, I became almost unable to attain that degree of erection during masturbation and I used to struggle to reach orgasm.

    I investigated the issue and I found that I suffer a very rare case of vascular disorder; combined arterial insufficiency & venous leak :(

    I tried Viagra and vardenafil, they give me some rigidity but I still have to struggle to attain a moderate erction :(

    I currently feel pain and discomfort in the penis and I think the corpora cavernosa started to undergo atrophy and fibrosis due to lack of blood circulation and consequently oxygenation.

    I doubt that masturbation caused all there problems during only 2 years or so. I also suffer mild hypertension which can be the culprit.

    My best wishes.

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