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    Dear MiniminiXD, thank you so much! There are schools and associations that
    use our video’s for educational purposes. You are free to use them! Kind

  2. Healthchanneltv / cherishyourhealthtv says:

    Ola isabelmendoza820, the Spanish version will be online soon! I will let
    you know asap. Regards!

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    Hello 3001416, we appreciate your attention! Thank you for your comment.
    Our critical eyes must have missed this typo and we are sorry this
    distracted you. Good you noticed! We will take care of it. All the best!

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    Dear dlemmon75, Thank you for your comment! We are pleased that you like
    our video. Regards, Healthchannel

  5. george davies says:

    The above although factual and well written, it would be lovely to know of
    any positives? Understanding the Menopause fully, is the key perhaps to
    reducing possible negative syptoms, enabling us to continue to nuture all
    our relationships. Thank you for reading! :)

  6. miniminiXD says:

    I think all of your videos are really good for education and health care!
    It must be great if my school use a vid like this to teach student

  7. 3001416 says:

    :) Your videos provide excellent explanations though, thank you. Very
    simple – much better than other health channels on Youtube, which tend to
    assume their audience is already familiar on these topics.

  8. woodadministration12 says:

    just have lot of contraceptive pill,simple !!, at least side effect is not
    as BIG as hormone replacement therapy

  9. Healthchanneltv / cherishyourhealthtv says:

    Hello Alfredadedayo, thank you! So good to hear you appreciate our content.

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