1. bigbangnone says:

    Protecting your weed-grass is a good thing.
    We should stop using terminology (Top of the mountain, higher purpose,
    pulling others up to where I am…)
    Our goal is to communicate. We should not be communicating that anyone is
    higher or lower than anyone else.
    As you observed, in each of our time-lines of experiencing positive and
    negative events, a common mistake is to assume that anyone is more
    enlightened than anyone else.
    I agree regarding an alkaline diet, exercise.
    By the way sugar is a real killer. You did not talk much about sugar. Even
    fruit should be used based on your own body. Those with arthritis and any
    joint or back issues should eliminate sugar because the reason they have
    pain one week but not another is because of those inflammation foods and
    There are allot of guys who communicate that they are nice guys and speak
    of how they met a girl and went somewhere with that girl, but they are not
    capable of understanding that many women will sacrifice for them – yet they
    are not able to sacrifice for a good women. In the end, these men always
    label the woman as having some problem, then the man goes back to tending
    after himself. There are allot of men (and women) who will never maintain a
    relationship long enough to have a family because of this.
    I’m observant also. I have seen many single men who get for themselves the
    best nutritious foods and exercise and a environment that meets their
    But they are not able to sacrifice “some” of that for a good woman and
    perhaps a family. There is always some amount of personal sacrifice.
    I have observed that the family man (who sacrifices for those “family”
    members (wife children”) often will die before those single men who
    only focus on self.
    I’ve worked with guys that perform the hard fasting. They caused errors and
    we had to go back and re-due a few of the system documents.
    Those who are on juice fasts for weeks should not drive a car.
    While fasting, your brain will try to help you find fruits on the trees by
    making the colors appear more vibrant, and your hearing and eyesight will
    peak, but complex thinking is slowed. Best to stay out of the wood shop
    while fasting or you might loose a finger or two.

    I’ve found the “alkaline-acid diet”. I believe it is the single most
    important medical nutrition, longevity find of my life. Combined with sleep
    exercise positive attitude, good friends and family, it will help balance
    Thanks for your self building observations. It is important to build your
    self before entering into a relationship. So many of us have problems and
    look to a relationship for support and resolution. Often, that is a mistake.
    However, there is nothing wrong with a relationship based on a strong
    person taking care of a weak or sensitive person. Each of us has strong and
    weak attributes – and in the end nobody is greater or lessor than anyone
    else. Some of us or more or less compatible – but not higher or lower.
    By the way, it’s not healthy to park your bike next to your bed, The
    outgassing of the oil and tires are unhealthy. Hang it off the ceiling in
    the other room.

  2. Mikhael Reed says:

    I dont still have my hair and I’m a full time student that cant even afford
    raw food. Good to know its there. I love you too. Keep on rockin.

  3. hello! says:

    You are NOT 100% correct! 78 – 88% correct! Meat is good for the
    body…fruits are NOT! 21-Days is too long for Fasting! Fasting is to be
    curative, NOT 21-Days. You are not weird; however, you are arrogant and not
    humble. Yet again, you are in a place in your life where you believe you
    have some ownership. You come from abandonment by your parents and family
    and therefore the product for having to raise you. What’s important is that
    you are good for people who need hope. Heal your Soul.

  4. Joseph lover says:

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  5. Imma Light says:

    Dear Dan, I am a wo-man (did you know that the word woman comes from
    womb-man, i.e. a man with a womb? :-) … and just want to tell you that
    your honesty, truthfulness and authentincity are worth more than GOLD… No
    matter what our individual challenges may be, listening to you seems to
    strip us of our falsehood, our fears and pretensions and connects us to the
    light of Love within… Ultimately, infinite good can come from that light
    at our core if we continue to cleanse ourselves in consciousness and in
    other ways… Thank you so much for being the Light that You Are…
    Infinite blessings to you and to all…

  6. ZGERMAN says:

    I want to know about your Water-fasting, Don’t you need to take some form
    of Minerals and Potassium so that your heart doesn’t beat irregular during
    the fast?

  7. Tyson wang says:

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  8. Isaac Gomez says:

    I’m inspired by you and all you do brother, thank you! I love heaving 59%
    of my diet veg and fruits and now have about 20% raw so doing good and
    always learnig from you. Namaste !

  9. Larry Richelli says:

    To all you people below the talk about your god just remember that all
    religion is myth information. You are deluded to the max. Life is beautiful
    and raw foods make you understand this, try living a full life without your
    teddy bear…religion!

  10. Francis Hatin says:

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  12. Sajokal Horseed says:

    your soul is spiritual your reference about the light remind me the verse
    of the Holy Qoran, ‘Allah is the light of skys and the earth ‘

  13. Paulina Kowalik says:

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  15. James Harden says:

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  16. livewire41887 says:

    You are a very special person Dan. Thank you for everything that you have
    done and will keep on doing.

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