1. CRL73hippo says:

    Good luck to you, Sarah. I truly wish you all the best tomorrow. Please
    keep us updated because of course, we’re rooting for you. I won’t pretend
    to know all the ups and downs of ED recovery, but I truly hope that
    whatever happens your relationship with your family and parents improves
    greatly. God bless you! ********HUG********

  2. Leah Terry says:

    Hey girl. I think you are so completely brave. ERC is supposed to be
    amazingly helpful. If I had insurance I would go (says my therapist). I’m
    confused…. ANYWAY back to you. I can completely understand your fears and
    they all make sense “recovery I a treatment center is ‘easy’”. God I can
    relate. Please know that I’ll b thinking of you. And you can do this. I
    believe in you! Good luck! Stay strong! And take it easy on yourself. :) 

  3. samdarls says:

    You’ve been on my mind since you mentioned about going to ERC on tumblr.
    Sending you lots of love my dear. xox

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