1. War Kittens? says:

    Man there was a good one with Meredith Baxter in it. I watched it with my husband so he could understand what I had gone through earlier.
    I’ll try to find the name of it.
    It was “Kate’s Secret”.
    Good luck. I dealt with ED for just over 10 years. it is life consuming!

  2. Lizzie F says:

    Not sure, but don’t abbreviate “Eating Disorder” as “ED”, because “ED” is the official abbreviation for “Erectile Dysfunction”.

  3. cassie says:

    depending where you are in your recovery-watching a movie about this may be triggering

    are you in therapy? I would ask your therapist before watching a movie that could possibly push you off the edge

    ADD: ‘ED’ is a way that professionals use. so its not as obvious as ‘oh hey this person has anorexia’

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