1. Psychology Videos says:

    Are you ruling out the possibility of life experiences (traumatic events)
    being a causal factor in some cases? As in ‘turning on’ a genetic
    predisposition for example.

  2. UrbanMacGyver says:

    genetics seratonin and pandas…… I knew it!! never trust a panda!!
    they’re secretly causing OCD … XD

  3. jennyjen7114 says:

    Wow that’s very interesting. As a child I had strep throat constantly. One
    time it got so bad it turned into scarlet fever which is pretty rare these
    days. I’ve had OCD as far back as I can remember. As a child I performed
    rituals and the sad thing is I was the one that did all the research to
    find out I have OCD. Every doctor/therapist told me I had
    anxiety/depression. Only about a year ago was I finally diagnosed and the
    meds haven’t helped I believe the best treatment for me would me CBT

  4. relaxingmusic101 says:

    I had strep throat a lot and tics a lot which played a part in
    psychosomatic illness and OCD, I wonder if it’s connected

  5. Jack James says:

    OCD is weird. Nobody would know what it was unless they have it, saw it in
    a movie, read about it, heard about it, ect. It’s just a condition that was
    made up one day… I have OCD, but it doesn’t feel weird to me, because the
    things that I do are just the regular things I’m used to doing.. and I’ve
    always kinda felt like if millions of ppl around the world have this “OCD”
    than it’s just a character trait, lol.. I think the same thing about
    “depression”, ppl are just complicated & smart, ha.

  6. ky kiske says:

    what helps me i think is not to identify with the thoughts and not feel
    guilty so you dont own them. Also of course not reacting to them. they dont
    make sence anyway

  7. Jesper Martensson says:

    It was similar for me. I had a few rough years trying to deal with sudden
    panic attacks and derealization, the feeling of getting detached from
    reality. Now that has mostly subsided but my OCD and tics have become more
    apparent instead. It’s like my mind needs something to bother it at all
    times which makes something take the former mental tormentors place as soon
    as it leaves me.

  8. TheMoney28 says:

    Likewise. Something has always bothered me about the whole theory. Simply,
    there is not enough evidence to actually state that Serotonin is the
    “cause” and not, perhaps, a type of mediator in an otherwise confusing and
    misunderstood mishmash of disorders. At any rate, OCD, anxiety, panic
    disorder, etc. are all physiological disorders with psychological
    symptoms–not the other way around as most believe…. That’s my two cents,
    anyways. Keep up the good videos!

  9. TheMoney28 says:

    I believe that the vestibular system and cerebellum are a key factor in the
    development of anxiety disorders. Not the most popular theory out there,
    however, it has gained some newly invested interest lately.

  10. Jesper Martensson says:

    Thought loops that you cant control? And an obsession with either being in
    full control or letting go completely? I almost never clean for that
    reason. If I did id have to clean every day and I just dont have the energy
    to do that.

  11. ocddiary says:

    one of my therapists told me a lot of his OCD clients experienced a lot of
    strep throat in childhood. pretty interesting.

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