1. Tatiana says:

    Well I’m a very picking eater too well do not eat the food you mostly love that will get you to eat more of that try doing something you enjoy so that you don’t think of food one thing if your watching tv good luck because I am a picky eater and when I watch tv I tend to pick food while commercials

  2. Lena Duchannes says:

    First as a picky eater, you should just decide on one vegetable that you don’t like and find ways you can cook it, or mix it into other foods that you can stomach. You also need to figure out why you don’t like the vegetable or fruit, is it the texture, smell, or taste? You can change any of these by cooking them differently. Just look through a cook book. If a dish appeals to you by how it looks cook it with everything it calls for, even if you don’t like something in it and try it. Trying to have a positive attitude that you might like the food you just cooked can increase your chances of actually liking it.

  3. JanetH1212 says:

    The main thing that you need to know is that fat that you eat is fat that you store on your body and fiber carries fat out and exercises burns fat. Unfortunately, you don’t like veggies and fresh fruit which have great fiber to help you lose weight, plus they have super low calories, so you get filled up on fiber. They don’t have fat except for a super minimal amount and are mostly water based. Whole grains and beans also have fiber and no fat – do you like any of those?

    You should probably avoid dairy products. They come from a female cow and have a lot of hormones in them in addition to the hormones given to the cows to make them produce more. IGF-I is a growth factor identical in humans and cows and contributes to growth and obesity and cancers. You can find more info on how bad it is for your health at http://notmilk.com

    You didn’t mention any of the foods that you do like, but if you were to have soup before every meal, it would help you to feel fuller on mostly water and you would tend to eat less. Another trick is to eat slower and make your meal last longer, then you also end up eating less, because thoroughly chewing your food helps you to feel satisfied a lot longer. Some people just try eating less of whatever they want to eat. People in France can eat whatever they want, they just take a long time slowly enjoying smaller portions.Where you are picky, those two suggestions may be helpful.

    Also, you can try eating a big breakfast which will get you through more of the day and then not try eating very much before bed. (Then, you should try exercising 30-60 minutes daily/brisk walk to help burn fat.) There is also a water diet, where you drink one really cold glass of water before, during, and after a meal to help lose weight.

    Some people eat more whole grain bread to get filled up on usable starch which has fiber and then they are not as hungry for the foods high in fat like cheese, beef, chicken, bacon, eggs, pork, fish, nuts, tofu…but you need to avoid mayo, butter, oily dressings, sour cream, cheese, ice cream, etc. as much as possible. You may want to start exploring to see if you can like other foods that are high in fiber.

    Do you like beans, they are an excellent source of nutrition and protein better than the fatty animal versions of protein. But, everything has protein, so as long as you get enough to eat, you will be getting protein. Plant sources are superior because they don’t have hormones, foreign DNA, cholesterol and saturated fat.

    Think about what is weighing you down in your life, burdens of grief that need to get resolved, some say that that can contribute to being fat.

    Supplements…If you are going to take some, go to the health food store and try whole food supplements. Many supplements just go right through you unabsorbed and are isolated from the source and throw your body out of balance. If I was to take supplements I would try the NOW Super Two or Shaklee or something “green”

    You are a picky eater, but think of what foods you can have in the high-fiber groups of grains, beans, fresh fruits, and vegetables, try to incorporate those, then try the tips I gave you and you should be fine, Go exploring and try new foods little by little :)

  4. Melissa says:

    I can’t blame you, eating is my hobby too! lol. I think you’ll enjoy listening to this podcast too!

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