1. Jennny Lately says:

    Sildenafil Citrate is the most common treatment to assist erection of the penis. It is more popularly known as “Viagra” which in fact is just brand name, there are many generic equivalents around that do the same job but are much cheaper. Just check that what you’re being offered is actually Sildenafil and not a more ambigous name such as; “blue pill” or “penis drug” etc which sound exciting but offer nothing and will deliver nothing.

    And you have no legal comeback on those who offer pills with erotic-sounding names as the sellers are careful about making any rash claims but tend to advertise their glorified smarties in a more subtle way. But if you are offered Sildenafil, whether the brand is Viagra, Revatio, Kamagra or just plain unbranded Sildenafil, then that’s exactly what you should expect.

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  2. B M says:

    If you’re a fan of the Austin Powers series, then you’re probably familiar with his Swedish-made penis-enlargement pump. You probably laughed at the idea of a penis-enlargement pump, but the truth is that it’s just one of the many male enhancement products out in the market today. Surely you’ve seen them advertised all the time on the Internet, TV, radio, and male magazines. Even though male enhancement products come in a variety of forms, all of them generally fall into two categories: self-treatment and surgical. Self-treatment methods include pills, pumps, jelqing, clamping, and traction. Meanwhile, injection, ligament cutting, inflatable implants, and beading are all filed under the surgical method category.


    Of all the male enhancement products today, pills are perhaps the most popular. Since they provide a painless and more convenient way to increase the penis size, many men prefer them over other male enhancement products. However, just because they are pain-free does not mean they are safe. In a study conducted by the University of Maryland and Flora Research of California, it was found out that run-of-the-mill penis enlargement pills contain contaminants that are potentially harmful to one’s health. Just some of the contaminants found in the pills are E. coli bacteria, lead, yeast, pesticides, and mold.

    Penis Pumps

    Another penis enlargement product that’s popular among men is the penis pump. A cylindrical-shaped device for creating suction, pumps work by getting the blood to flow through all the penis chambers, thereby engorging it. Pumps are dangerous because they can cause bruising, poor circulation, bursting of blood vessels, blisters, deformation, and worst, impotence. Moreover, it was found out by the results achieved through using penis enlargement pumps are only short-lived.


    Weight-hanging is said to be the oldest male enhancement trick in the book. As the word itself implies, this particular method is done by hanging a weight on the penis to stretch the penis tissues. However, even though weight-hanging is the oldest known penis enlargement method, it is not considered as the most reliable one. Just like the other penis enlargement methods, weight-hanging also has its downsides. Among the known hazards of weight-hanging includes ligament damage, stretch marks, deformation, reduced sensitivity, painful erections, and impotence.


    Among surgical methods, ligament cutting is probably the most popular. This process consist of cutting the ligament at the base of the penis, causing it to have an increased length. Since ligament cutting is a surgical procedure, it’s nonetheless painful. Apart from that, another snag about ligament cutting is that the penis hangs down even when erect. In addition, the penis no longer experience the same “hardness” it does before the surgery.

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