1. Only I know says:

    There ar many treatments, but this is not the palce to find the answer. Speak to your urologist. The problem might be medication your taking for High Blood Pressure or Depression Medication.


  2. addicted to piercings says:

    the best advice i can offer you is to see a UROLOGIST. together, you and s/he can discuss your symptoms, doing testing, and come up with a conclusive reason for the ED.
    i will speak from experience: my ED caused me to be unable to obtain a sustainable erection and unable to ejaculate. i went to see a urologist who performed all types of scans and diagnostic testing. blood work was done over and over. final diagnosis—-blood was going into the penis and flowing right back out.
    i’ve been prescribed viagra, cialis, levitra, penis pumps, penis suppositories, penis injections—-all temporarily helpful. finally, my urologist, after sending me to a psychiatrist to determine whether or not my ED was psychological-ruled negative, recommeded that i receive a penile implant. that has been done and right now i’m recovering from the surgery and anxiously awaiting the day when my doctor gives me the ok to try this gadget out.
    bottom line——there is help available. don’t allow yourself to think it’s your problem. it happens to many men. most aren’t willing to admit to it, let alone, talk about it.
    i responded to your question in the hope that i could encourage you to seek help.
    also, high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression as illnesses and their prescribed medications can DEFINITELY cause ED. if you are taking meds for any of these afflictions, talk w/ your doctor.
    i’m not ready or willing to give up my sex life. you MUST fight to regain your ability to obtain a lasting hard-on, capable of penetration, and sustainable long enough for you to complete the act by ejaculation.

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