1. conim2002 says:

    You are probably not experiencing a migraine, but definitely a head ache.

    During sex our blood vessels expand. After sex the blood vessels return to their normal size. This is probably what is causing a head ache.

  2. Olivereindeer says:

    Sex can cause various sorts of headache.

    At the moment of orgasm there can be a sudden, severe pain. This is probably due to contraction of some of the small blood vessels in the brain, similar to migraine, and in fact half the people with this type of headache are also migraine sufferers. This pain generally lasts less than an hour, but may be gone in 10 minutes or linger for a few hours. It may be, throbbing, dull or stabbing.
    Less commonly, as sexual excitement increases, some people experience a dull, cramping, tight feeling at the back of the head. This is probably due to excessive contraction of the muscles of the neck.
    If you suffer from migraine, you may find that sex triggers a migraine attack. This headache will be identical to you ‘usual’ migraine. It occurs after sex, but not during sex.
    Some people have only one of these headaches, but many people have a combination, so they experience a headache that increases with sexual excitement, and culminates in an explosive headache at orgasm.

    Often, the headaches occur in bouts lasting a few weeks, and then disappear for a while.

    Another cause of headache during sex is Viagra (sildenafil) – a pill for the treatment of impotence. Headache is one of its side-effects.

    What you can do about it

    If you have severe headache at orgasm, you must see your doctor to check that there is no serious reason for the headache. Your doctor may then be able to prescribe a drug such as propranolol to prevent it.
    If you mainly have the dull headache at the back of the neck, make a deliberate effort to relax your neck muscles. This usually relieves it.
    Try intensifying your sexual excitement more gradually. This works in about 50% of men with sexual headache.
    Most people find they are more prone to these headaches when they are tired or under stress, attempting intercourse for the second or third time in close succession, or when they are using an uncomfortable or strenuous position. Try to avoid these situations!
    Sexual headaches are also more likely if you are in poor physical shape, overweight and with high blood pressure – so if you become fitter they may improve.


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